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We keep things simple with our collection of plain socks. Our solids available in yellow, purple, navy, grey & dark grey are great if you want to avoid being too provocative with your socks while simultaneously adding a bit of color to your feet ! The colors in these socks are rich and vibrant. The plain body of the socks is complimented by a contrasting color in the ankle, toe & slim cuff. The socks are made of 85% organic cotton (GOTS certified) while there is 13% cashmere added giving a luxuriously soft finish

85% Organic Cotton (GOTS certified), 13% Cashmere, 2% Elastane

Made in Italy

These classic socks are sure to go great with any attire on any occasion. Giving the luxury nature of these socks (featuring 13% cashmere) these are perhaps best suited to a special day to compliment a great pair of shoes ! Choose a color that you like and these socks will not disappoint.
We guarantee quality in all aspects of the sock. Provided you care for your socks the quality fabrics will shine through. However in order to keep your socks in optimum condition we advise you to take appropriate care:

  • Wash inside out at 30˚C on a cold wash
  • Avoid mixing your socks with clothes where possible
  • Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Do not tumble dry, carefully hang to dry instead
  • Do not iron

85% Organic Cotton (GOTS certified), 13% Cashmere, 2% Elastane
Made in Italy

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Organic Cotton/Cashmere socks in navy with a pink trim

85% Organic Cotton, 13% Cashmere, 2% Elastane

One size fits most


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Organic Mission

All of our socks are made using GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is produced in safer working conditions, is better for the planet & better for your skin.

Better for the planet

No harsh chemicals

Uses 90% less water

Better for your skin

Read more about the benefits of using organic cotton at GOTS web page.

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